R&C Magic Combos™️ Generator

What is this ?

This website generates cheat codes for R&C 1, 2 and 3, that allow unlock items/planets/skill points.

How does it work ?

By reversing the game, doesthisusername found that the game was checking for 20-presses key combos on the pause menu,
if L1 and R2 were held. According to the combo entered, the game would unlock items, coordinates or skill points.
After a bit of work, he managed to create a script to generate the combo associated to any item ID.
Those combos should work on all versions of RC1 and RC3, only on the Black Label versions of RC2(i.e. not on PS3 nor Vita).
AFAIK, not working on Deadlocked/Gladiator.

Credits :

Reverse engineering and original script by doesthisusername
JS + HTML by CreepNT, isaki and clip
Item tables lookup by isaki